Confession #21: I am extremely frustrated!

Hi Dolls,

So it has been a while since I’ve posted! I have a few posts in my drafts that needed pictures and something happened to the SD card, so all my pics (swatches, #bareselfie, and such) disappeared. I gave the card to my mom who will hopefully be able to salvage the pictures because she  is  a computer genius!

Hopefully I will have quite a few new posts for you, including some product reviews, shopping hauls, and my very first empties blog!

Stay tuned and as always thank you for the support!






Confession #20: My lips are ready for the Big Apple

Hey Everyone!

Many of you probably know what Influenster is, but if you don’t you should definitely check it out!!! I joined the site and almost immediately qualified for my first VoxBox. They sent a number of pretty cool items (stay posted for a full post on my Varsity VoxBox), but in this post I’m going to focus in this AMAZING lip gloss I got!


I received a full size  sample of NYC Big Bold Gloss, in a light pink, for some reason I can’t find the exact name of this color.

This product says its a plumping gloss, and often times when that claim is made it isn’t met. This product is different as soon as i apply it I can feel a small tingle letting me know that the plumping is starting to take action.

Ever since I started wearing lipgloss, I have hated that feeling you get when just to much product is on your lips, it feels so thick and gross and worst of all STICKY! So of course I was hesitant, thinking for sure i was about to smear lip glue… I mean gloss.. on my lips. This was not the case with this product! It goes on a bit thick but not so much that it is annoying, also this product is not in the least bit sticky I don’t feel like my lips are going to get stuck together when I talk.

My only qualm about this product is that the applicator is quite large, and if you make the mistake of double dipping you are going to have way to much product on your lips.


I want to hear from you!

Have you ever tried NYC’s Big Bold Gloss?

‘What other lip plumpers have you tried?

What’s your favorite lip gloss?


as always thanks for reading!

Much Love


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Confession #19: I’m an impulse buyer…I’m not proud. Part 1

Hi everyone!

Since I had taken a pretty huge break from blogging, I actually purchased quite a bit of product. I decided I should probably do a Haul since I plan on reviewing a few of things in the very near future! I would love to hear your comments on the products I’ve purchased or even request a review from any of the products  you may be interested in purchasing!

So I’m writing this post at school and I don’t have all of my picture with me, I ‘m going to make this a two part haul, just because I can.

This is probably on of my favorite recent purchases. This lotion is seriously one of addictions! I’ve been using it since my freshman year of high school and have never gotten tired of it. It has an amazing relaxing scent hence “night time” and it moisturizes better then a lot of other lotion which I’m guessing is because its baby lotion. Anyways since I’m on a budget I decided to try the generic brand of this lotion ( Johnson & Johnson makes the actual lotion) and it is actually the same! It smells and feels just the way I’m used to which made me very happy! I recommend this lotion to anyone, I always put it on when I’m having trouble sleeping or when I need to stay relaxed (aka I have a big test) and It works wonders.

Equate “Night Time” Baby Lotion: $4.95


Maybelline Big Eyes: $8.99


LA Splash Liquid Eyeliner


Walgreen’s Brand Eye Shadow $1.99



Finally a couple of things from Elf!

Photo Finish High Definition Powder $6


Finally Clear Lash and Brow Mascara $3


I know this is a super quick haul and probably leaves a little to be desired, but I will be doing a review on these products within a few weeks!

Thanks for reading dolls!

Please share links or comments on your new purchases and how you are enjoying them! I always love to hear from you!


Confession #18: I’ve gone all natural!

Hey Everyone!

Going natural is a big deal right now, not only with hair, but with pretty much every type of product there is, I haven’t really been up on the movement, until now that is.

As you may or may not know I’m a Public Relations Student right now, I absolutely love my major and field and can not wait to get my career officially started! So to gain a bit of experience an internship is completely necessary. I live in a college town, so internships are few and far between because of the immense competition. I started thinking one day, you can do almost anything online these days so why not an internship? about a week later I read an article featuring and how they feature virtual internships! So I immediately signed up.

I found this PR internship, and applied without really paying attention to what it was. I later got an interview and immediately fell in love with the company and its mission!

I’m working with an amazing all natural skincare company called BIAO (beautiful inside and out) Skincare, doing PR and the like. I’m definitely enjoying myself!

This product is completely natural, if it isn’t produced naturally it isn’t in the product. Not only is the product revolutionary but the idea behind it is as well, the idea that Beauty is more than what is on the outside is something that needs to be promoted so much more than it already is.  Besides all of that this product and brand was created by a US Veteran and Burn Survivor!  I haven’t had a chance to try the products yet but from the people I have set up test runs with, all I hear is good reviews. I’m just extremely excited and I wanted to share that excitement with all of you.

If any of you want to learn more about Biao Skincare, find them here

I’ll be posting more as my internship progresses!

as always thanks for reading!