Confession #21: I am extremely frustrated!

Hi Dolls,

So it has been a while since I’ve posted! I have a few posts in my drafts that needed pictures and something happened to the SD card, so all my pics (swatches, #bareselfie, and such) disappeared. I gave the card to my mom who will hopefully be able to salvage the pictures because she  is  a computer genius!

Hopefully I will have quite a few new posts for you, including some product reviews, shopping hauls, and my very first empties blog!

Stay tuned and as always thank you for the support!






Confession #16: I got the Beauty Blogger Tag! Does this make me official?

Hi Dolls!

So I received the Beauty Blogger Tag from Beauty4Free2U, Check her out, her blog is amazing and she seems like a darling!

This tag was originally created by The Beau Bow.

Here are the official rules for the Beauty Blogger Tag:

  1. State the Tag was created by The Beau Bow
  2. Tag some more beauty blogger
  3. Title it with Beauty Blogger Tag

Name a beauty routine you rarely do?

-I rarely curl my eyelashes. Mine have a pretty natural curl to them, so the few times I have tried to curl them, it just looks awkward, and to be honest I am not even sure of the correct way to go about using an eyelash curler.
Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

-Washing my makeup brushes has become a once a week ritual for me. I wash my brushes every Wednesday afternoon while I give myself a facial.
How long will you last with chipped nail varnish?

-I can not stand chipped nails, since I wear overlay more often than not, I often have to put up with chipped nails for a couple of days before I can get them done, but it will be literally all I can focus on until they are back to looking proper.
How long do you put off buying.replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it (i.e.-top coat, foundation,etc.)?

-I don’t put off buying or replacing product. I have this amazing “gift” where even if I walk into a store and completely forget my entire grocery list, I somehow remember what I am running out of or what I wanted to try.
What is your worst beauty habit?

-I honestly have so many horrible beauty habits! I’ll go with my top two, I sometimes fall asleep with my makeup on, which is seriously so bad for your face! I also forget to wash my face a lot, I use cleansing wipes but I don’t give a good scrub as often as I should.
Name something non-beauty related that you put off all the time.

– One Word. HOMEWORK.
When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?

-I definitely give myself enough time to get ready. I hate showing up to places late but I can’t show up if I’m not put together. So the amount of time I take depends on what I’m wearing and how I’m doing my hair and makeup.
Can you commit to spending bans?

– That is a huge no! I’m an impluse buyer when it comes to EVERYTHING! The only way I can commit is to not go into stores, and even then I have a hard time because of online shopping, but I have gotten a lot better than I used to be, I do believe I have college to thank for that.
How organized are your makeup and nail polish collections?

-My makeup collection is beautifully organized, it makes my heart sing because it is so lovely! My nail polish on the other hand is in a huge makeup case, and just kind of tossed in there.

What is the longest time you’ve gone without writing a blog post?

– This is so bad, but 2 months! The stresses of college life definitely got the best of me, but I am BACK!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my answers to the tag!

And now for the fun part!!

I’m tagging these lovely ladies:



Confession #15: I have an obbsession with my vanity

Hi dolls!

So I haven’t written anything in literally 2 months. This is not OK at all! I’ve been back at school for a little bit and now that I don’t feel like I’m going to die from the stress I feel like I will be able to get back into my groove! I have so many posts in draft that it isn’t funny, so be warned you will be seeing this face pop up a lot!

Anyways, I moved into my new apartment, which I absolutely LOVE! My roommates are amazing, and so is the actual apartment. I’m thinking about doing a room tour soon, just so you can see how amazing it really is! In my new room my absolute favorite feature is my vanity! As I watched my makeup collection grow I became obsessed with having a cute and organized Vanity, and while mine may not look as cute as the one I’ve seen on pinterest. I absolutely LOVE it!

So here is a little gallery.

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  • The wire organizing drawers came from IKEA,you can find it here. It was a steal at $14.99.
  • The wire organizing baskets came from IKEA as well you can find them here. They were $2.99 for a set of two.
  • The drawer organizers came from Walmart and were $4.99 for an 8 piece set. I can’t find the link but they are awesome!
  • The vanity was a hand me down from a friend, which I absolutely adore!

I hope you all enjoy my “comeback” post.


Confession #14: July is my favorite month of the year!

Hi Dolls!

So I decided that I would do a my month in pictures post, and hopefully it will become a habit! 🙂 So for your viewing pleasure

My Month in Pictures!

So I hoped you enjoyed this quick and simple post! I know I actually did! I hope you all had a great month!

Much Love