Confession #24: $20 a month is hard!

Hello All!

So as you can see it has been a while since I’ve last posted, school and internships take up so much time! I miss writing!

While I was thinking about the fact that I haven’t written in what feels like months! I realized that I have a ton I mean seriously a TON of makeup I have yet to blog about, I never even did a what I got for Christmas blog! I am so so so behind! I have decided that I want to start a YouTube Channel because sometimes I just don’t feel like writing to be honest! So you can subscribe by clicking the button on the side!

I have put myself on a makeup spending allowance  of $20 a month! Simply because I am a college student and life is expensive when you don’t have a job. I never realized just how hard it would be to stick to it!! I feel I have done a pretty good job of sticking with it so far though.

Amazon has been my best friend for the past few months. I have been buying a whole lot of random things that I probably don’t need but of course I want! This is going to be my first haul for the months of January and February, hopefully I will have the time to film my next ones! So keep your eyes open, I’ll be doing an update on the channel!

I hope you all enjoy!

For the Month of January:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the Month of February:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s all for now! Let me know what you think, and if you would like a review of any certain product I am happy to oblige.

As always, thank you for reading! Talk to you soon!



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