Confession #13: Online shopping is my weakness!

Hi dolls!

Wow two days in a row! I’ve been so busy this week! This post has been sitting in my drafts for 3 days.

So it was my birthday on the 14th of July, another year older! I’m pretty excited about that.

Anyways, I decided that I earned a little bit of a splurge on some new makeup, so since I haven’t really had time to get to Sephora or Ulta I did some online shopping!


I tossed everything in one box because I can, and it made it easier to travel home:)

Both my packages are finally here and I am excited! So here is my little haul for you!

Ulta: I spent $18.85 at Ulta this time, it would have been a little more, but I was browsing their site and saw that if you played this little game you could win a gift card or a coupon or something, so I played and I won a $5.00 off of $15.00 coupon, so with that I basically got free shippingAlso Ulta was having this amazing sale on Ulta brand product so I bought quite a few things ranging from $1-$6. 

I’ll start with my favorite purchase:

Eye Shadow in Glittering Sand:


Complete Eye Palette in Soul:


Precision Liquid Eye Liner in Carbon Black:


Professional Matte Prime:


Essence Stays no matter what: (this isn’t Ulta Brand, but it was a nice price and I needed a new pencil)


So that is what I Purchased from Ulta, not a lot, but worth getting excited over! I have used a few of the products and am so far loving them! I’ll be doing reviews soon!

One other thing I love about Ulta is that they always send you really nice samples of products they carry when you order, this time all the samples I got were haircare products and I know I’m going to enjoy using them ! Especially the Dirt Texturizing Paste (it smells amazing)!

139 135134

Sephora: I am a firm believer in signing up for the store memberships if I frequent a store often. So many stores offer great deals to their members and sometimes even freebies!
Sephora is one of those stores that gives freebies, I encourage you to sign up to be a beauty insider its very worth it!

Sephore Colorful Duo Eye Shadow in Tropical Blue: (The only thing I paid for, besides shipping of course)


Real Birthday Turn-ons from Benefit : (this is the beauty insiders birthday gift! )


Included a sample size of Watts Up and They’re Real: (A little goes a long way with both of these products so I am super excited about them!)


And of course Sephora sends samples as well, I like that you can hand pick what comes to you.



So that my ever so lovely readers was my little haul. I hope you enjoyed reading it! I’d love to hear feedback as usual! Leave a comment, send me a a tweet (@mixedbeauty94), or like my Facebook Page (Confessions of a Mixed Beauty) and leave me a comment there!

I hope you guys have a great week!



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