Confession #12: I have a new crush! ;)

Hi dolls!

So I am EXTREMELY excited about this post! I’m reviewing an amazing product for a company that has stolen my heart…and my lips!

Ageless Derma, sent me one of their Satin Lipglosses in Ruby, which is what I will be reviewing today!

Before I get started on the review. Let me just say this, I hadn’t heard of this company before but now that I’ve done my research I will be telling everyone I meet! All their products are doctor formulated. There is an amazing line of anti-aging products, and in my opinion its never to early to start using those kinds of products. They also have a full line of Anti-Aging Mineral Based makeup that has green tea extracts and other vitamins which looks awesome as well. So  do me a favor and go to their site! Comeback and tell me what you think!!

Ok so like I said I am extremely excited to share my opinion with you about this product, mostly because I love it!

I probably embarrased my self when I was checking my mail and saw that this had arrived. I was that excited!


Satin Lip Gloss in Ruby




First of all I love the little box it comes in, its simple and elegant, in my opinion and I feel that it fits the product and the company perfectly.

I love rocking a red lip. I think my lips are my best feature so I like to play them up and a red lip is the best way to do that.

Anyways I absolutely love this gloss. If you’re looking for a high shine gloss this particular product may not be for you. I am not a huge fan of super shiny lips, especially when you already have on a bright color. The gloss  goes on with a little bit of shine, and feels like a lip balm extremely light , it is not super sticky like a lot of lip gloss can be.  Another thing I like is how the color that is in the pot is the exact color that goes on your lips, and the color lasts long! It gives your lips a nice stain so even through eating, drinking, and talking for a few hours, you don’t need to reapply, if you’re going for the matte look and if you do choose to reapply you don’t need as much! Also, since I’ve been using my lips don’t feel as dry!

All in all I love this gloss, I’ve worn it everyday since I got it, and people are always shocked when I tell them its lipgloss not a stain.

One thing to be sure of, is that if you are going to purchase the gloss make sure you exfoliate your lips first, otherwise it won’t go on as smooth. I use a special toothbrush get it a little wet and then brush my lips almost like brushing you’re teeth. I do this every night and my lips stay nice and smooth and I don’t get those dry peices of skin that sometimes happens.

Finally the only complaint I would have is that the jar opening is a little small for me, because I have long nails, and I ended up with a lot of gloss under my nail. Its not really the product’s fault because I’m sure that most people’s nails are not as long as mine.

So overall I give the product 5 stars, and highly recommend that you take a look at the Ageless Derma website and try one of the many colors there are to offer or try one of their other amazing products!


After about 2 hours of wear with no touchups

Thanks for reading loves



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