Confession #7: It’s time for a change

Hello there,

It has been months since I wrote, and of course I can make excuses, but really I’ve been kind of lazy lately and blogging hasn’t been my first priority. However, as Summer 2013 has officially begun  feel it is time for a change. I have a few months to work on myself physically and emotionally and I am definitely going to take that opportunity. So whoever is out there reading, consider yourself lucky because you are getting a front row seat to a metamorphosis 🙂 I know its going to be a long hard journey but I am prepared.


I feel this is just the first step to being who I want to be so here we go.

Forgiving and Moving on: I think everyone has those things in life that stick with them, their let downs or their successes, some stick harder than others. I’m not saying I haven’t had a great number of successes in my life, but I’m the type that holds on to the many let downs life has to offer. I like to dwell on my mistakes,or those of others that have hurt me somehow, and I realized its time to stop!
I have it to good to dwell on people and mistakes. Its time to forgive them for what they may have done, but to forgive myself as well.  So the next post is going to be a letter to the person I hold the most resent towards, I’m letting go now.


Sorry for the somber post! I don’t plan on being so deep all the time, but I had this epiphany. If I want to write (or at least attempt to write) a sorta kinda beauty blog, then Inside beauty should count for something. Am I right?

With that being said I do have quite a few new products I have purchased over the last few months in the make-up and hair care department. As well as some cool samples I’ve been sent (and links for you to get the same stuff). So stay tuned! I promise not to bore 🙂

Thanks for reading loves,

side note: Please! Please! Please! send me your feedback I want to hear what you think, what you like and what you don’t!


-Mixed Beauty


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