Confession #5: I buy cheap makeup…and I like it

I finally got some new makeup today! Which leads me to the topic of our discussion…

I’ve always wondered if I was alone in my absolute love for buying make-up in the most unexpected places. I made a pit stop at Ross today, looking for one thing in particular (which I didn’t find 😦 ) anyways I ended up in the health and beauty section. Now I’ve never really thought to look there for new product, mostly because all the stuff usually looks cheap or is broken. Today was different on a whim I wandered over, and I have to say I came away quite satisfied. I found this pretty cool palate natural colors, and most excitingly for me they were matte! I’ve been looking for matte shadows every where! So yes I am excited!!


Anyways I was talking to some of my roommates and telling them about my purchase and I was shocked when they turned their noses up at the thought of buying makeup somewhere other than a department store. It never really occurred to me that it was weird that I didn’t always buy make-up from Sephora or MAC. while I do very much love those stores, in all honesty I can’t afford them! I’m on a college student budget, aka…I AM BROKE! So is there something really so wrong with buying a palette or even some hair product from Ross? I think not! Heck, I’ve even found some really good make-up at Grocery Outlet, so sue me!

Anyways that’s my little rant for today!

Oh that’s right! Happy Belated Easter! xoxox

-Mixed Beauty

finally a good white eye shadow!!!

finally a good white eye shadow!!!


2 thoughts on “Confession #5: I buy cheap makeup…and I like it

  1. Psh I always pick make up up randomly… I do get some things from counters but drug store makeup is not what it used to be and has come a long way. I just spent $50 for a “make up forever” eye palette and was so disappointed in it. Keep being frugal!

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